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Fee Rules

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Fee Rules
➣ All Fees are to be paid strictly in advance before the 15th of February for the first term and by 15th of September for the second term.

➣ Fees will be accepted there after till 15th of March for the first term and till 15th of October for the second term with the late fine of Rs.500/- per week.On the expiry of the said duration the child may not be allowed to attend the classes and the name of the child , from the school record will be struck of / child may be sent home.

➣ All payments must be made by cash or bank draft.All demand drafts must be drawn in favour of "Lucent International School,Dehradun" Cheques in no case will be entertained .

➣ There will be no reduction of Fee on grounds of absence of student.

➣ The Child will not be allowed to join new term before the clearance of all dues of the preceeding term

➣ Transfer Certificate will not be issued till all outstanding amounts are cleared

➣ If the child does not join the school at a stipulated time or is withrawn after admission is confirmed,full school fees will be charged.

➣ The School management reserves the right to revise the school fee , registration fee,security deposit, admission fee or the annual fee and other charges,as and when the need arises.

➣ There will be no refund of fees if the child is expelled/rusticated or withdrawn on disciplinary ground.

➣ Security deposit is refundable.This deposit will be refunded subject to clearance of all dues.The refund will be done only when the parent/guardian produce the original receipt of the deposit.The amount will be refunded one year after the withdrwal of the child.Security deposit will not be refunded if the child is withdrawn before the term

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