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Golden Offer:
Pay Rs. 6,00,000/- (One time) as security deposit refundable after Class -X.
The School will provide to your child:-

School education,Boarding and Food

up to class X at Rs 40000/- anually.

Salient Features  :–

➣ Offer valid for admission to class I to VI for session 2017-18 only.On Special request very few seats available for class VII & VIII Valid upto March,2017.
➣ Mode of Deposit :– Payment by D.D. or by Cash only. Cheque not acceptable.

(A)  One time Payers
(i)  Rupees One Lakh (1,00,000/-) at the time of Confirmation of seat after final result of written examination and interview.
(ii) Rupees Five Lakh (5,00,000/-) (for one time payers) at the time of Admission  & Agreement (before the child goes to school) in the month of March, 2017.

(B)  Instalment Payers
(i)    Rupees One Lakh (1,00,000/-) at the time of Confirmation after final result of written examination/interview.
(ii)   Rupees Three Lakh (3,00,000/-) before the child goes to school , in the month of March,2017.
(iii)  Rupees Three Lakh (3,00,000/-) at the time of Agreement by the end of June,2017 (upto summer vacation).

 Failing to comply to the above payment mode and payment schedule the  child would forfiet the offer and the admission would automatically be converted into normal fee structure as and when applicable.

➣ Agreement :– Legal written document on Rs. 1000/- Non-Judicial Stamp Paper(Provided by Parents) giving all details of the offer will be executed   between the parents and school management.

➣   Withdrawal :– Parents can withdraw their ward any time by giving a prior notice of three months. In that case, annual fee will be   deducted for every year of the child's stay in school. The rest amount will be refunded after completion of the term.

Other Fees :–  To be deposited by the parents.
➣   Imprest Charges to be maintained throughout the year -------------------------65,150/-


Imprest Breakup –
(a) One time only
i)  Admission Charge-10,000/-
ii) Registration- 2,100/-
iii) Prospectus- 750/-

(b) Per Year
i) Term and Maintenance Fee- 5,000/-
ii) Development Charge-10,000/-
iii) Pre foundation fees (IIT/Med.) - 6,000/-

(c) Imprest includes (Uniform, Books, Stationery, Pocket Money, Medical, Excursion etc. accures as per actual expenditure.

Now What You Get Out Of This Offer
(1) Refund of the Total Deposited Amount (6,00,000/-) or (7,00,000/-) as the case may be,after completion of Xth Board.

This means :–
(A)  Education upto Class X .
(B)  Boarding upto Class X .
(C)  Food upto Class X .

Awards:- (For Class XII Only)

(A) Rupees 2,00,000/- to Board topper.

(B) Rupees 50,000/- to State topper.

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