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The Rules and Regulations of Lucent International School have been framed to make the parents aware of what is expected of them and their children during their stay at the school.

Apart from all the features and regulations mentioned in the prospectus, it is imperative that all parents and children abide by a certain code of conduct for the best interest of all concerned and to facilitate the smooth functioning of the school.

Admission :
➣ Admissions is offered , based on the performance of the child in the admission test and interview.There is no admission test for children upto class II.
➣ Parents/Guardians of new students will not be permitted to meet the children for two months following admission. This enables the child to settle down and get adjusted to the new environment.
➣ The school reserves the right to refuse admission without assigning any reason.
➣ The right of offering admission to the +2 stage rests solely with the pricipal and on the academic performance in the Xth Board Examination and the child over all conducts.

Academics :
➣ The academic session spans from April to March Every Year
➣ A child who has failed to make the grade for promotion to the next class or if he consistently exhibits poor results, The parent may be asked to withdraw the child.
➣ Failure to pass the examinations may result in the expulsion of the student from the school. However,the management can exercise its discretionary power to readmit the failed student to the same class in the next academic session as a special case.

Discipline :
➣ Students are not permitted to keep any money with them. The school does not permit the handling or keeping of cash.
➣ A child involved in any immoral act is liable to be expelled without any warning and there will be no reconsideration whatsoever.
➣ A child is not permitted to possess any sordid reading/viewing material which may result in his/her expulsion if found guilty.
➣ Intoxication of any kind is not permitted on the school campus. Any child indulging in drinking, smoking or using drugs will be immediately expelled without warning.
➣ No food parcels will be accepted  or delivered to the children from anybody.
➣ A Student may be expelled from the school due to irregular attendance,misbehaviour,disobedience or on using unfair means in examination.
➣ Use Of profane words, insulting language or immoral behaviour/immoral act will be considered a serious offence that can amount to the student's expulsion from the school.
➣ Unautorised absence from the school shall be considered as a serious misconduct and disciplinary action shall be taken against the defaulting students.
➣ Any wilful damage done to any item of the school property will be made good by concerned parent/guardian
➣ All Students have to abide strictly by deiscipline and routine of the school at all times as laid down by the Academic council and enforced by the school authorities

Leave :
➣ Leave is not a matter of right and if the need arises may be refused by principal in the interest of the child. Children would be allowed to go on leave only on authorised days as detailed in the School Calendar.
➣ No child is allowed to go on leave alone or with friends. Telephonic messages from parents/guardians will not be accepted.
➣ special leave of absence of two days plus journey time may be granted in the case of marriage of the child's or the parent’s real brother/sister.
➣ Leave for serious illness of blood relatives or in times of bereavement, of any immediate relation may be granted.The Principal will decide the duration of such leave.
➣ Medical leave will be given as advised by a qualified physician who should certify the duration of such leave.
➣ Parents/guardians will be permitted to visit their children only on visiting weekends mentioned in the School Calendar and not on any other day or holiday.
Reservation of seat for the next academic session
➣ No refund of security deposit will be made if the advance fee for the reservation of the child’s seat is not paid on time,in the month of Feburary, and a notice of withdrawal, in writing, is not given at the end of the academic session.
➣ Ordinarily no withdrawal is allowed during the academic session.Nonetheless, if the need arises then a minimum of three month’s notice is mandatory for withdrawal. If notice period is not given, then fees in lieu of notice period shall be charged.
➣ Withdrawal of a child from school has to be notified to the School Office, in writing not less than 90 days before the start of the next term,failing which the Security deposit will be forfeited Telephonic intimation shall not be accepted.
➣ Withdrawal is not allowed during the first academic year(First year of admission),as the child needs time to settel down and adjust to the new environment.No fees will be refunded if the child is withdrawn in the first academic year.
➣ There will be no refund of fees in the cases where the child has been expelled or his withdrawal has been requested for, on disciplinary grounds. The Disciplinary Committee of the school has the right to ask for the withdrawal of a child from the school, if they feel the situation so warrants and in their best judgement, they may not assign any reason for doing so. No fees shall be refunded in such cases.
➣ In cases where the refund of security deposit is applicable all claims must be made, in writing, within 6 months of the date of withdrawal failing which no such claim will be entertained.
➣ The school is a NO SMOKING/DRINKING ZONE. Parents/Guardians/Visitors are requested to refrain from smoking or drinking liquor on the campus.
➣ Parents are advised to please keep the school informed of any change in postal address or change in telephone numbers, in writing, as this is very vital in case of emergencies.
➣ Parents are strictly advised to refrain from giving any valuables to the children like ornaments, watches, cameras, audio/visual equipment etc. The school will not be responsible for any loss or damage of the same.
➣ Excess tuck from home is not permitted.
➣ All correspondence of the parent regarding the welfare of the child, suggestions/ complaints, fees etc. must be addressed to the Principal giving the Name, Class, and Folio Number of the child.
➣ Parents can register their suggestions/complaints in the register maintained in the School Office.
➣ Parents must note that no verbal assurances given by any member of the staff would be binding on the school. Similarly, no verbal statements made by them will be accepted. They must give in writing all points they want to make.
➣ Parents are strictly prohibited from giving tips of any kind, money or gifts to any servant or member of the staff. Breach of this will be viewed very seriously.
➣ Parents are prohibited to bring pets along with them on their visits to the school.
➣ Parents/Visitors are prohibited from entering the dormitories, especially the girls’ dormitories.
➣ The school's management reserves the right to change, amend, add or delete any of the above mentioned rules and regulations, at any time without any prior notice.
➣ The parents/guardians are advised not to come any other day than the open day to take the child out for day outing.
➣ The parents/guardians are required to kindly go through the conditions before they fill in their applications for registration of students.All parents are reuired to strictly abide by the terms and condition stipulated by the school from time to time.
➣ The parents/guardians are not allowed to see students or interview teachers during the class hours without prior permission of the principle.
➣ No parents shall offer any gift or gratification to any member of the staff. Parties to any member of the staff or other functions arranged in their honour required prior permission of the management
➣ The parents/gaurdians are advised to strictly follow the list of articles the brought by the students.
➣ School Authorities are in no way responsible for the loss of any expensive items brought by the student in the campus .Parents must refrain from giving expensive items like watches,cameras ,ornaments and audio visual equipments.
➣ Birthdays are celebrated in the hostel on the last saturday of the month collectively of students whose birthday fall in that particular month.parents are advised not to send/bring cakes/eatbles for the students.
➣ The school is no way responsible for any injury/mis-happening during the games/sport.the school management reserves the right to its descretion to authorise required medical treatment/surgery and the use of anesthesia in the interest of a child's health.All the expenses will be borne by the parents.
➣ The management reserves the right to change any condition/information mentioned here in/prospectus without any prior notice.
➣ For outings /excursion trips arranged by the school,the parents have to send fax/mail or written consent letter stating that the child will go on parent's risk. however,the school management will ensure all safety measures and due care.Excursions are important and compulsary. Children have to go for excursions where they will learn about our heritage and respect for nature.The expenses incured will be debited to the impress account of the student .
➣ Expenses over extra curricular activities,excursions annual magzine national,inter state,inter district and inter school participation will be charged on actuals and amount deducted from the expressed account of the child.
➣ Parents can talk to their wards once in a week as scheduled in the 'phone call schedule'.
Disputes :
➣ Any dispute and/or claims of any nature whatsoever,will be subject to the jurisdiction of Patna courts only.The school reserves the right to change/delete or revise any information given in this document at any time without giving any prior notice.
Visitors & Outings :
➣ Only People whose names are on the visitors list,filled up by parents,will be permitted to meet and take the child out.Any visitor not on the list must bring a letter of authority from the parents.
➣ Day Outings are from 9 AM to 5 PM and students going out must be in proper uniform.The priciple has the authority to deprive next outing of students coming back late to the school.
➣ No Visitors/student (coming back from an outing) will be allowed after 6.00 PM to enter the school campus.
➣ Visitors are not allowed inside the dormitories.
➣ Strictly no permission is given during term time for a child to attend a relative's wedding,other than that of real sister or brother (For maximum 3 days) , that too not during the examinations.

Weekly Talk/Phone Calls
➣ Parents can talk to their wards once in a week only as scheduled in the 'phone call schedule'.

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